Michèle Lavagna is enrolled as Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano – Aerospace Science & Technology Dept – since 2011. She got her PhD in Aerospace Engineering at POlitecnico di Milano in 2001. She chaired the M.Sc. in Space Engineering course of orbital mechanics from 2005 to 2016. She chairs the M.Sc. Space Mission Design course since 2005.
She’s been involved as technical engineer and as project manager in 30 international either research or commercial studies founded by ESA, ASI and EC and as a partner of many national and international space business companies.
Her scientific research areas involve space engineering and astrodynamics with focus on space debris removal and space exploration. She’s author of 200 scientific papers and advisor for 108 Master theses and 20 PhD theses. She’s member of IAA, member of the ESA Prospect User Group, Member of the Asteroids and minor bodies WG-ASI, member of the Astrodynamics IAF-IAC committee, member of the scientific committee of the PoliMi-Aerospace Engineering Dept., member of the PhD course committee at DAER-PoliMi.